2022 Employee Recognitions & Awards

December 15th, 2022

2022 Employee Recognitions:

It is with great pleasure that EMS Unlimited presents the following awards to the members of our team who have consistently shown their dedication to our company values and mission.These individual members of the team were selected by a committee based on performance and actions over the course of 2022. As a company, we strive for excellence and a strong adherence to our core values. At the heart of it all, EMS Unlimited exists to provide a service to EMS professionals, that service is “service” – The company aims to offer a workplace that gives rewarding and diverse opportunities within the industry, while providing members a sense of family and recognition. The Leadership team is laser focused on the principles of “service” to internal customers above all else. These healthcare professionals, described below, have consistently demonstrated dedication to themselves, our industry and their peers. With that, we extend our deepest appreciation and gratitude!

  • Disaster Response Team, Member of the Year: Jackson Pixely
  • Special Events Team, Member of the Year: Rose Rivera
  • Transport Team, Member of the Year: Gary Hanson
  • 2022 Professional Achievement Award: Ashley Isabell
  • Leadership Team, Member of the Year: Stephanie Faber-Webb

Emily is a reliable and hardworking member of the team. In the last 3 months alone, Emily stepped up to cover an immediate need at the Grand Traverse, and covered sick leave for a coworker in need. Emily also was integral at Sonic Bloom, as she worked as both a line EMT and on the ambulance several nights in a row. Emily also electively enrolled in Paramedic school, showing a drive and passion to upgrade her skill set and education. Emily has shown on a daily basis the company values, and acts with high integrity in all things. Emily is well deserving as employee of the year.

The Disaster Response Team member of the year is awarded to an individual that has shown that no matter the assignment and no matter the task they are ready to accept the challenge with enthusiasm and a smile. Every time an email was sent for availability Jackson was always first to respond. He was available for the entire summer and never took his name off the list for any reason at all. From fire camp on, Jackson has exemplified what it means to be a team player and has shown he is more than ready and capable of representing our Disaster response team and EMSU in a professional and courteous manner. Thank you for your dedication and willingness to do whatever it takes to further the team and our goals of becoming the premier provider of any and all things EMS.

From her leadership AND caring about her role at Sonic- we saw her at the utmost highs and lows from that event as she worked tirelessly to make it a success and take care of not only her patients but also her team! She stepped into that supervisory role without knowing anyone and she killed it with compassion and professionalism. It was from that event I knew we needed her at the company and I wanted to do whatever we could to keep her with us. Throughout the whole summer she stepped up to work events all over Colorado, she had such a positive attitude and such a great work ethic. She is thriving personally and professionally and I am so happy that I can say anyone would be better off for working with her.

Gary has become an integral part of the transport team since he started in June 2022. Gary was initially a great resource for crew resource management at Sonic Bloom where the team faced several clinical and operational challenges. From there, Gary started full-time with the transport team and we quickly realised how knowledgeable and approachable Gary is when it comes to teaching mentorship. Many of our employees view Gary as a trusted mentor, and friend. Gary also brings a great attitude to work, enjoys the complexity of long distance IFTs and helps to bring a sense of community in the workplace.
With a great sense of humor and attitude, Gary is well deserving as transport employee of the year.

Ashley began with EMS Unlimited as an EMT when the Transport Team was based out of a 2 bedroom condo and there were only 2 ambulances. Ashley has grown professionally and personally in that time, right alongside the rest of the Transport Team. More importantly, Ashley has show tremendous Professional Achievement over the past year. Slightly more than a year ago, upon her own initiative she enrolled and began her Paramedic education. Within the last year, Ashley has not only completed her journey to become a Paramedic, She has blossomed into a quality healthcare provider with Critical Care education (soon to be certified CCT), she has also demonstrated a reliable ability to mentor and lead her peers, her partners and her team. She has taken initiative to develop a new uniform policy and is dedicated to the EMS Unlimited values. Ashley’s strong work ethic, commitment to excellence and professionalism are in-line with company values, she is a tremendous asset not just to her primary transport team but the entire organization.

Stephanie is consistently a driving, steady and reliable member of the EMS Unlimited Leadership Team. her commitment to excellence, pride in herself, her work, her team and the organization show in all that she does. Stephanie has demonstrated her strong work ethic and service to company values through many achievements over the past year. From developing instructors and curriculum for both internal and external training, grant writing, effective use of technology to manage projects, working tirelessly with CDPHE to obtain Training Center credentials to Critical Care education and protocol development and clinical mentorship, Stephanie is a shining example of the values that our organization lives by. It is with tremendous confidence that it can be said, EMS Unlimited would not achieve a fraction of the things it has achieved without Stephanie.