2023 Employee Appreciation

March 3rd, 2023

03 March 2023

THANK YOU – You are appreciated!

Hello from Ebin – to our dearly valued team,

Today is March 3rd 2023 – 11 years and 19 days since we became a “company”. Legally we are known as Event Medical Solutions Unlimited, LLC. We do business as, EMS Unlimited. This change was made in 2018 to more accurately reflect the many things we wanted to do and accomplish beyond Special Events, at that time. Since we began using the name EMS Unlimited we have seen many changes, ups and downs, accomplishments and opportunities to improve. 

No matter how you frame or view anything that has happened since our inception, I personally view every part of our organization as not only positive but more importantly, achievable for one reason only – YOU – the TEAM that makes it all happen. Myself and everyone else on the support team exist to serve and empower you to feel appreciated, recognized, valued and of course APPRECIATED. 

I recognize that you have a choice, a choice in who and where you trust your EMS career. For that reason I am extremely grateful that whatever season your career and life are in you have trusted EMS Unlimited enough to join our mission and vision and to align with our values. 

In closing, thank you very much for all of your contributions, sacrifice and dedication. Nothing you do goes unnoticed and most certainly is deeply appreciated. Thank you, and truly hope to see you in some capacity very soon. 


Ebin D. Latrimurti

Paramedic/Founder/President – EMS Unlimited