New Year, New Look!

February 21st, 2024


Ebin Latrimurt, Paramedic

New Year, New Look!

EMS Unlimited prepares for new directions in 2024

EMS Unlimited ambulance uniformsRifle, Colorado: 21 February 2024, EMS Unlimited seeks to be recognized as an industry leader in ambulance transportation. In an ongoing effort to achieve this, the team aims to look the part by revising and updating the crew uniforms. What is seen on the outside remains the same, the compassionate and professional healthcare providers on the inside also remain the same, but the uniform is new.

Starting on Saturday the 17th of February the EMS Unlimited team will now be seen wearing what are called “Class B” shirts. Class B uniforms are designed to provide a professional appearance with a crisp military style while offering a relaxed fit for everyday use. This change in uniform comes as a testament to the dedication and professionalism of the EMS Unlimited team as the drive to improve appearances was pushed by the team themselves. Transitioning from a relaxed feel and look of the old Polo uniforms will instill pride in the team and show patients that they are being cared for by highly competent and compassionate professionals.

EMSU EMTCompany President Ebin Latrimurti said, “I’m so excited for this new look, it truly will showcase to our patients and community that we are dedicated to providing exceptional care and service.” EMS Unlimited has been in business since 2012 and has used a red polo as the standard uniform for all service providers. This new look will apply to the ambulance team while on duty. The red polo will remain a uniform staple for the special events team, training team instructors and many other special assignments.

About Us

EMS Unlimited is a Paramedic owned and operated organization centered around values and customer service. At the heart of everything that we do there is the recognition that customers can be internal or external, a customer takes many forms. From our internal team of dedicated healthcare professionals and administrators to every patient we meet or treat or our peers at cooperating emergency response agencies to healthcare facility providers and leaders, EMS Unlimited works everyday to provide an unparalleled degree of compassionate and professional service. 

Services provided by EMS Unlimited consist of ambulance operations in domestic and international geography’s, global healthcare staffing and disaster response teams. Additionally, EMS Unlimited provides healthcare and medical staffing, equipment consulting and sales and special event consulting and staffing. The vision of EMS Unlimited is to provide healthcare professionals a rewarding and diverse workplace with opportunities not otherwise available. Learn more about EMS Unlimited at