About EMS Unlimited


EMS Unlimited, a Veteran Owned Company, was formed after recognizing the common challenges planners and organizers faced with comprehensive planning and professional medical staffing. Our goal is to provide professional medical and emergency management solutions to nationwide customers seeking exceptional and comprehensive turn-key, customized EMS services.

From our headquarters in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, no project is out of reach, contact us to see if we’re in your area.

We value long term partnerships, customer service, and teamwork. It is our mission to provide professional, high quality customer service that places an equal value on internal and external relationships.

Our Mission at Event Medical Solutions Unlimited

is to provide comprehensive, coveted and quality EMS consulting, training, planning, staffing and transport to nationwide customers in a multitude of industries while remaining focused on a culture of teamwork, collaboration and respect.

We Stick to Our Values As People and As a Company

A driving force behind bringing EMS Unlimited to life was the strong desire to create a place of employment for Healthcare Professionals that is fun, safe and built on a premise of supporting each other and encouraging mental health through a healthy work/life balance and outdoor recreation.


Caring for yourself, your family and your EMS team is a priority.


EMS Unlimited is “For Us, By Us” To achieve success, all things EMSU must always be collaborative, team driven and supportive through positivity and encouragement.


There is always a positive outlook to be found and focused on. Seek out the positive, magnify it and turn negative into opportunity.


Every single member of the EMS Unlimited team has strengths and weaknesses. We will always communicate and conduct ourselves in a manner that is uplifting and constructive.


From appearance to communications and patient care to client relations. EMS Unlimited must conduct every aspect of our business around the highest degree of professionalism.


A commitment to excellence requires hard work and perseverance. Dedication to upholding our values takes work and effort that must always be present.


Taking pride in yourself, your profession and EMS Unlimited is shown through posture, communication skills, appearance and customer service to clients and peers.


With every job that must be done, one can always find fun! Protect your personal fun time and bring that same commitment to having fun to work. If you can’t make it fun, don’t do it.


Always think one, two or three steps ahead. Plan for the unplanned and be prepared.


Everyone has an idea to make something better. There is always another way to enhance your work experience or improve customer service – never hesitate to share those ideas

Our Leadership Team

Dr. Sean Murphy

Dr. Sean Murphy

Medical Director

Sean grew up in rural Wisconsin where he began his career in healthcare and EMS as a volunteer firefighter, first responder, and EMT basic. He was captivated by the quick thinking, adrenaline, and incredible impact emergency medical services can have on the lives of our neighbors and greater community members. He decided to pursue a career in medicine, graduating with a BS in Biomedical Engineering, followed by a Medical Doctorate at the University of Miami. Continuing to specialize, Dr. Murphy completed a residency in emergency medicine at the University of Arizona. When he isn’t working in the ER Sean loves to grill ribeye’s, snowboard, rock climb, and mountain bike.

Jasmine Mir

Jasmine Mir

Finance - Accounting & Bookkeeping

Originally from So. Cal, I’ve been in Denver, CO since 2016. I also lived in Seattle, WA where I attended college. I have over 7 years of experience in Accounting & Human Resources, plus 17 years of experience in Office Administration and Management. In my personal time, I enjoy spending time with family & traveling. I’m also an avid gamer & book reader/collector.

Ebin Latrimurti

Ebin Latrimurti

Paramedic - Founder/President

Ebin was born and raised in beautiful Palisade, Colorado. After growing up as a Palisade Bulldog, he joined the United States Navy and served 8 years as a Damage Controlman (Shipboard Firefighter). Upon his honorable discharge, Ebin transitioned into EMS and fell in love with the profession’s unique quality of affecting positive change on a daily basis. After gaining experience in Honolulu’s busy 911 system as a Paramedic, then working as a flight paramedic in the Gulf of Mexico, Ebin returned home to Colorado. Ebin now lives and manages EMS Unlimited just outside of Steamboat Springs, CO. In addition to supporting his team at EMS Unlimited, Ebin and his wife enjoy a busy but rewarding life that revolves around their large family.