Event Safety Summit (ESS 2018)

January 9th, 2018

EMS Unlimited invited to share expertise at the inaugural Event Safety Summit in Grand Junction, CO.

Steamboat Springs, CO (01 January 2018): Event Medical Solutions Unlimited (EMS Unlimited) has always been a proud supporter of teamEMS Racing and Outreach, Inc (teamEMS). On March 31st EMS Unlimited will be proud to share expertise and knowledge at the first ever 2018 Event Safety Summit (ESS). The Event Safety Summit is geared towards Race Directors of all experience levels who manager events of all sizes and focuses on providing useful information that will aid them in enhancing safety and health at their event.

EMS Unlimited is well known throughout Colorado and New Mexico as a full-service and first class provider of turn-key medical staffing, emergency management and many other support services to special events. An opportunity to share key concepts and experiences with Race Directors will be an honor.

teamEMS benefits the peers of EMS Unlimited, emergency medical professionals. Supporting this fundraiser while also serving many of our clients with invaluable lectures will be a win for all involved. Teaching alongside permitting agencies and other event industry professionals EMS Unlimited is looking forward to reaching a broad audience. Many conferences and seminars help event organizers improve marketing, timing or boost registration. There are however, few, if any opportunities for these organizers to learn the intricacies of providing a safe event.

Registration to the Event Safety Summit has been capped at 50. This will ensure that all participants have a learning experience that is personalized and tailored to their exact needs. Topics will cover everything you need to know from safety planning to emergency response. To learn more about teamEMS visit them at www.team-ems.org, to register for the ESS go to team-ems.org/event-safety-summit/registration

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to learn and network. Check out teamEMS and support your local medical