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Values Centered, Team Focused, Service Driven Turnkey Emergency Medical Services and Emergency Response Solutions

Above all else, EMS Unlimited operates on the principle that team relationships, values and culture of the organization will always be at the forefront of everything we do. EMS Unlimited exists to provide EMS professionals with a workplace that is diverse in opportunity and motivated by service to each other.

EMS Unlimited provides high quality, professional and comprehensive EMS services to clients across the country. Ranging from ambulance and wheelchair transport to healthcare facility staffing, full service special event medical services, EMS and medical training, Wildfire and Disaster Response and specialized EMS equipment sales, EMS Unlimited is #allthingsEMS.

EMS Unlimited is…

  • Experienced, Licensed, Insured and Professional Healthcare Providers
  • Turnkey Solutions – Transportation, Staffing, Training and Consulting
  • Values Centric, Team Focused, Service Driven
  • Diverse work opportunities and rewarding careers – #allthingsEMS


  • Wildfire & Disaster Response
  • Special Events & Staffing
  • Infectious Disease Control
  • Ambulance Transport
  • Planning & Consulting
  • Medical Response Training


  • All Levels of CPR, AED & First Aid
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Bleeding Control
  • Emergency Medical Responder
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support
  • Advanced Cardiac Support


  • Event Services
  • Transports Specialist
  • Wildfire Support
  • Medical Trainers


Inspiring EMS professionals to challenge expectations of themselves and what an EMS career can be, while centering on values and culture to foster a rewarding and diverse workplace, understanding that external customer service is a direct reflection of internal relationships service to each other.


EMS Unlimited believes that everything about the organization should focus on service – service to each other, service to self and service to all stakeholders. EMS Unlimited will continually strive to be an industry leader in exceeding expectations. We aim to be #allthingsEMS by serving clients throughout the world with high quality emergency medical services that embody the idea that nothing is impossible. Through diversity in workplace opportunity and decision making based on core values, team members will revere EMS Unlimited as an employer who truly values every individual.


As the story goes, EMS Unlimited was founded when a need was recognized for specialized EMS services that did not fit the mold of regional response assets – the proverbial “light bulb” moment. Where that story falls short in most organizations is failing to acknowledge that light bulbs require power – electricity aka, drive – motivation – “a why” to actually illuminate the bulb. EMS Unlimited illuminated that “light bulb moment” of recognizing a market need by recognizing the needs of EMS professionals. Bringing the idea of EMS Unlimited to life was the motivation to create an organization that allowed the team to be part of every process, to have ownership and pride in building something unique and rewarding, all in the name of centering around values that understood why the career/industry of emergency response is challenging.


Two Takes on Working as Festival Medical Staff

Two Takes on Working as Festival Medical Staff

Winter Wondergrass is a 3-day bluegrass music festival that started in the mountains of Colorado, and now has stops in California and Vermont. Our EMS-Unlimited staff provides full service event medical support during its annual stop in Steamboat Springs every...

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5 Questions With the Ladies of EMS Unlimited

5 Questions With the Ladies of EMS Unlimited

Brenda Heid (paramedic) and Kelsie Robbins (EMT) are one of our ambulance transport teams based out of Rifle, Colorado. Here, we chat with them about what brought them to EMS Unlimited, and thoughts on women in emergency medicine. When did you first decide you wanted...

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EMS Unlimited to support Firefighters

EMS Unlimited to support Firefighters

New Partnership Enables Expanded Services: On-line Medical Direction helps bring new services to Northwestern Colorado Steamboat Springs, CO (15 April 2018): Come summer of 2018 Event Medical Solutions Unlimited LLC (EMS Unlimited) will expand service offerings beyond...

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Event Safety Summit (ESS 2018)

Event Safety Summit (ESS 2018)

EMS Unlimited invited to share expertise at the inaugural Event Safety Summit in Grand Junction, CO. Steamboat Springs, CO (01 January 2018): Event Medical Solutions Unlimited (EMS Unlimited) has always been a proud supporter of teamEMS Racing and Outreach, Inc...

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