Private Rescue Team is First in Colorado

April 14th, 2021

Rapid Extraction Module will improve firefighter emergency care


Rifle, CO 13 April 2021: EMS Unlimited, a locally owned and operated provider of Advanced Life Support (ALS) and Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulance transport services in Garfield County and the surrounding region announces a new capability, Rapid Extraction Module (REM). The EMS Unlimited REM Team will improve access to emergency medical care and remote area rescue for wildland firefighters. This added service represents a significant investment in caring for wildland teams across the country.

With 2021 threatening to be another year of heavy wildfire activity, keeping firefighters safe will be of utmost importance. EMS Unlimited currently provides medical support to wildfires in the form of 4×4 Ambulances and Remote Access Fire-Line Paramedics. Each of those service types play a unique role in the response and treatment of injured firefighters. The added capability of a REM Team will allow EMS Unlimited to be an all inclusive service provider for multiple delivery methods of emergency medical care on the fireground.

The EMS Unlimited REM Team will deliver services using a custom fabricated UTV, capable of transporting severely ill or injured patients inside the protection of an enclosed cab. Operating the UTV will be a team of 4 specially trained EMTs and Paramedics who will not only be capable of providing Advanced Life Support medical care but who are also equipped for, and trained in, technical rope rescue skills that will aid in high and low angle rescue of injured firefighters.

EMS Unlimited began providing wildland firefighter medical support in 2018. “We have invested countless amounts of time in the preparation and training of our team and operation” Said company President and Paramedic Ebin Latrimurti. “I am proud of the work and dedication everyone on our team has put forth, all in the name of service to our peers on the frontlines of combating these dangerous incidents. To my knowledge, the EMS Unlimited REM Team is the first and only privately operated REM Unit in Colorado and surrounding areas.” continued Ebin.

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