ALS Ambulance & NEMT Wheelchair Transportation


Contract and Non-contract Ground Ambulance Services

EMS Unlimited operates licensed Critical Care, Advanced Life Support (ALS) and Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulances. The EMS Unlimited fleet is always maintained, safe and ready to serve. Our team provides 24/7/365 Interfacility Transport services while other vehicles in the fleet are used for Wildfire & Disaster Response in addition to special event standby and training. If you are looking for on site ground ambulance standby services for your project or event, EMS Unlimited is ready to meet your needs. Our team of experienced Paramedics and EMTs can exceed your expectations and care for your constituents with pride, professionalism and compassion. Each vehicle is fully supplied with Advanced Life Support (ALS) medications and supporting equipment. No matter what your need is, EMS Unlimited is your trusted solution to “…do it again tomorrow.”

ALS/CCT AmbulanceEMS Unlimited ambulance

Garfield County Wheelchair Transport:

EMS Unlimited is proud to serve the community of Garfield County, CO with Non Emergent Wheelchair assisted transportation. Click below to learn more and to request transportation to your next appointment.