Wildfire & Disaster Response


Wildfire and Disaster Response

Working in the austere is exactly where we thrive. From supporting wildland firefighters across the world to serving communities, governments and industrial clients in relief efforts the EMS Unlimited team specializes in providing personnel and assets customized to the needs of any incident. Responses to Wildfires and Disasters can be accomplished with any number of teams and assets. From Medical Tents to mobile trailers, UTVs to ambulances and ground or air support, EMS Unlimited is prepared to meet the needs of any incident. Deployed staff and equipment is capable of supporting short term and extended duration needs. Added skills and capabilities include rope rescues, helicopter hoist rescue, communications networks and emergency transportation.



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Wildland Fire Incidents typically request EMS Unlimited for:

  • BLS Line Kit: 1 EMT (EMTF) with 4×4 vehicle
  • IV/AEMT Line Kit: 1 EMTF with IV certification or AEMT (EMTF) with 4×4 vehicle
  • ALS Line Kit: 1 Paramedic (EMPF) with 4×4 vehicle
  • BLS Ambulance Kit: Type 1, 4×4, Ambulance staffed with 2 EMTF
  • ALS Ambulance Kit: Type 1, 4×4, Ambulance with 1 EMPF and 1 EMTF
  • Rapid Access Team (RAT): 1 4×4 UTV, 1 EMPF (ALS) and 1 EMTF
  • Rapid Extraction Module (REM): 1 4×4 Razor or similar 4 seat UTV (4 person team, 1 ALS, 3 BLS – Rope Rescue)

Disaster Response Capabilities:

  • Helicopter Hoist Rescue Paramedics and EMTs
  • Ground Rescue and Patient Transport UTVs and Ambulances
  • Advanced and Basic Life Support Mobile Teams
  • Mobile Medical Tents
  • Communications Networks
  • Emergency and Evacuation Planning and Management


Who Protects the Protectors – Wildfire Ambulance and Line Medic Support